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Student Profile

Student Profile from school management software is automagically shown in the app via seamless integration technology architecture.



The Message System is designed to communicate the Daily attendance, Home work, Fees reminders, Result or any Service Message (Urgent Communication) etc.


Notice Board

School can now share pdf files for passing on information such as forms, circulars etc.


Fee Card

Get complete history of fees with pending and paid fees in the fee card section of the app. It syncs automatically with School ERP System.


Photo Gallery

The most easiest platform for sharing school pictures with parents for events, festivals and school functions.



Track student attendance and inform parents instantly about child’s absence.


Daily Diary

Your virtual diary: A complete view of informational, homework, fees, results, announcement related information sent by the school on a regular basis !



A superb module that allows school to share results with parents. It also has a functionality to show pdf of marksheets.


Pay Fee Online

Our app allows users to pay fees online via Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking. Once the payment is done, parents can collect the receipt from school or get an e-receipt.


Send Query

Parents can send their concerns, queries or feedback via the send query module.


We offer one of the most comprehensive suite of IT Products for managing an educational institute in an efficient manner.

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Student Evaluation
Online Finance
Online payment
Integrated Software
Mobile Applications

Our services

Enquiry management

With the help of an enquiry management module we help in completing the student enquiry process for Educational Institutes. The traditional process of enquiry management consists of maintaining endless Excel data sheets and manual bookkeeping for management. With the help of the management system we feed the administration with all the information required to perform follow up with the students and parents. By eliminating the tedious work this software automatised the follow up system and enhances the operational efficiency. 

Exam management

The exam management system is a module that allows the School to digitally monitor the performance and share results with the parents. By taking examinations online the functionality of recording various marks and then interpreting the performance is eliminated. Using the data of each examination the software automatically generates reports and has the functionality of showing PDF of mark sheets without human intervention. 

Student profile

The mobile application helps in storing all necessary data about each student digitally. With the help of seamless integration technology architecture the school management software automatically shows the profile of every student registered. The student can access various reports, schedules and notices by using the profile account. The school management software makes sure that a complete view of informational and educational announcements are delivered on a regular basis to each student. 

Attendance management

The mobile application helps in tracking the student attendance and informing the parents about their absence quickly. The management system eliminates the need for teachers to focus upon taking attendance and storing the data in various registers. 

Admission management

By eliminating the need for long waits for admission forms and applications the management system helps in providing all admission related crafts digitally. The system holds data like application form, registration date, last date of registration, list of all the documents required, and eligibility for admission. It provides a robust based solution for integration of application and admission fee payment together. By relying on the technology driven process schools can function easily even during the peak season of admissions. 

ID card generation for students and staff

The school management software also helps in creating virtual as well as physical ID cards for all the members of the institute. For smooth functioning and identity ID cards help in creating information about every individual. 

Website management

Mac Edms has also expertised in managing the functionality and working of a website. Being an IT Company our team has diverse skills and are dedicated enough to complete their targets passionately. Company’s technology based products help in providing the best practices to its clients with backing of various lucrative strategies. With the help of our top IT engineers we deliver secured and innovative custom software solutions. 

HR management

Proper HR management is important for empowering and sorting the functionality of an institute. The management system helps in keeping a track of every minute detail and reducing the workload of the staff by up to 40%. The software automates the monotonous work performed by the institute and delivers accurate trustworthy results. For efficient decision making a strong foundation of reports are needed. Our software helps in customising reports for updates and timely progress of the institute. 

Social media marketing

The management software also provides aid for digital promotion and Management. We provide assistance for creating social media content and proper updation on the portal. In today’s world social media marketing is an important aspect for overall development and popularity of an institute. 

  1. Analyses the admission enquiry process.
  2. Feeds the administration with all the information required about students.
  3. Facilitates regulars follow-ups.
  4. Stores important records about all the students.
  1. Maintains records about student performance.
  2. Facilitates digital sharing of results with parents.
  3. Generates reports regarding progress of each student.
  4. Prepares digital mark sheets.
  1. Maintains student attendance digitally.
  2. Notifies parents in case of absence.
  3. Facilitates Leave application transmission to the School by Parent.
  4. Provides regular reports about attendance.
  1. Provides paperless admission process .
  2. Ease of filling forms and managing list of students enrolled.
  3. Cashless form fees collection.
  4. Supports complete data digitalisation and extraction.
  5. Notifies about deadlines and requirements.
  1. Provides SEO friendly and responsive designs for website management.
  2. Team skilled with UI/UX graphics providing creative and interactive solutions.
  3. Promotes high quality product delivery.
  4. Compatible and consistent support.
  1. Tracks details about staff and administration.
  2. Updates records and reduces staff work by 40%.
  3. Generates reports regarding progress. 
  4. Automates repetitive tasks.
  1. Automatised generation of student profile.
  2. Easy accessibility of records and schedules.
  3. Helps in time table management.
  4. Notifies students regarding important announcements made by teachers .
  5. Maintains records about number of students registered.
I D Card
  1. Prepares outlook for ID card details.
  2. Automatic updation of details about students.
  3. Generates ID cards (Virtual and Physical).
  4. Maintains records about ID card generated and distributed.
Social media
  1. Manages social media accounts.
  2. Helps in digital promotion and outlook.
  3. Assistance in social media content formation.