Morden School 

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Morden School    Living in the 21st century has made technology an integral part of everyday life. We have always focused on a teacher centric classroom but with the modern education system traditional methods of teaching are replaced. The shift from whiteboards to smart boards is all due to the advancement in technology. Modern Education […]

How to improve performance of Student

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How to improve performance of Student The successful development of young people and society is achieved through academic excellence. Students who are better organised have a substantial base of knowledge and have better scope to achieve heights in their career. Proper motivation, concentration, prioritisation, organising abilities and time management helps in achieving academic success easily. […]

How to improve performance of School

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How to improve performance of School Every organisation strives for continuous improvement in terms of quality and benefits. In the education systems it is essential that every organisation commits themselves for continuous quality improvement and integrated contextualised working pattern. The performance of a school is based upon the outcomes of students in academic as well […]

Education System in India

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Education System in India Since the time of Indus Valley civilization the Indian education system has always passed its significant knowledge from one generation to another. Indians have achieved significant Marvels in the field of science and mathematics. Over the time the Indian education system has always strived to move forward and strengthen Glory with […]

Improving Teacher Performance 

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Improving Teacher Performance

Improving Teacher Performance  Ever wondered how life would be without teachers? Imagine having all the resources in hand but no guidance about its usage. The role of teacher is rather very important for the development of the society. Teachers deliver education to students and cultivate various values for a better learning environment. By shaping the […]

E-Class Education System

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E-Class Education System

E-Class Education System A revolutionary learning system that is based upon formalised teaching and electronic resources. E-Learning education can be based inside or outside the classroom. It mainly requires use of computers, digital instruments and proper network connection for imparting education. E-Class learning helps in dealing with the stress and difficulties arising everyday in the […]

Digital Learning

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Digital Learning

Digital Learning  In today’s progressive World it is important to adapt with the technological advancements and strive towards betterment. With effective use of technology digital learning has emerged as the new source for gaining resourceful education. Such platforms provide a wide spectrum of practices and help in creating a hassle free environment. With the help […]

Revolution in Education

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Revolution in Education

Revolution in Education Modern World requires modern methods of teaching and learning. The Indian education system is one of the largest providers of education in the world. With implementation of contemporary ways of educating the learning Institute may be able to create a modern education environment. The revolution requires a shift from traditional mainstream subjects […]

Careers in Data science

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Careers in Data science

Careers in Data science Modern tools and techniques play an important role in deriving meaningful information to make business decisions. Data science is the domain of study that deals with algorithms to build predictive models of extracting knowledge and insights. In today’s time data science can be considered as a very Good career opportunity with […]

Educational Data Management System 

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Educational Data Management System

Educational Data Management System  Database management system is essential for maintaining the records of every student in various different aspects. Database is essential for allowing the users to search, sort and retrieve information regarding the students. There is a wide range of data stored in the system such as financial records, examination records, transport facilities, […]

Indian Modern Educational Institutes

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Modern Educational Institutions

Indian Modern Educational Institutes Being the 11th largest educational system in the world, the Indian Schooling system has made efforts to improve literacy rates and expand the working module. The Indian education system has evolved tremendously over the past years. The shift from traditional rote based learning system to a modern and innovative Outlook has […]

Crisis in Teaching in Current times

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Crisis in Teaching in Current times

Crisis in Teaching in Current times Life after the Covid Pandemic has caused unprecedented downfall. Envisioning the recovery from the pandemic refers to assessing the crisis faced and creating sufficient learning time. The field of education rightly got disturbed by the emergency faced in the World. The World is facing a learning crisis due to […]

Impact of Covid-19 on Educational sector

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Impact of Covid-19 on Educational sector

Impact of Covid-19 on Educational sector Amidst the global pandemic of covid-19 in 2020 the educational sector was greatly impacted. Covid 19 brought various changes to the world. This spread of the virus was everywhere which resulted in the closure of Educational Institutes and businesses. Education is an imperial part of Country’s welfare and individual […]

Library Management

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Library management

We have always heard that books are our best friends and they play an imperial role in the educational industry. Due to which the importance of libraries is considered vast. Library can be considered as the brain of an education institute that strives to increase the education standards by providing an ample amount of resources.

Online Finance

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Online Finance

Online Finance With the rapid adoption of technology all around the globe various sectors are embracing digital transformation at a high pace. Technology has acted as a boon for various sectors. In today’s time digital payments can be considered as the right channel for impartation in India. It is always considered that the financial stability […]

Student Evaluation

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Student Evaluation

Student Evaluation How can someone determine if their Institute is doing good? The answer is by evaluating the work flow and profits received from it. For the success of an Educational Institute it is quite important to understand about the student performance and learning experience provided by the institute. One of the easiest sources of […]

Online Payment Management 

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Online Payment Management

Online Payment Management  The automated system of making online transactions possible through the API interface is known as Online payment Management. From the perspective of business management of accounts may result to be bulky. With the help of digital payment systems it gets easy to understand the accounting of all finances and manage expenses systematically. […]

Importance of SMS- Communication

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SMS- Communication

Importance of SMS- Communication Communication is the key to smooth delivery of operations in a working environment. From the perspective of business SMS is often termed as a technical standpoint. The short messaging service helps in transmitting messages to various officials and employees by using various components such as mobile devices systems and internet. The […]

All about an Integrated Software

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Integrated Software

All about an Integrated Software The collective response of various functions created to work on closely related programs. Integrated software refers to the office software that helps in output of various programs. With a combination of various prospects of the similar environment such softwares helps in revolutionising the interconnected file support. Nowadays every company requires […]

All about Vehicle-Tracking System

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Vehicle-Tracking System

All about Vehicle-Tracking System  The technology has made it possible to track vehicles and manage fleets from anywhere. Global positioning system popularly known as GPS is a satellite based navigation system that aims at detecting position of vehicles in the line of sight all around the globe. Do you know how vast the use of […]

All about Mobile Applications Software

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Mobile Applications Software

All about Mobile Applications Software What is that one device that every human being has right now? The answer is Mobile phones. And thus to survive in the World and communicate with others it is essential to behold applications on mobile. The type of application software that runs on mobile devices and tablets. Mobile application […]